A Native American Lodge for ALL Native Americans Sponsored by Feather to Feather

We Are of One Mind , One Spirit and of One Nation.

Who We Are


Seven Feathers Intertribal Lodge

Of West Central Florida and Beyond

Sponsored by  Feather to Feather, Inc.

Helping One Parrot at a time.

Seven Feathers Intertribal Lodge is a not for profit group of dedicated people who are of Native American Indian decent. We are of mixed blood or who have a family member who is or has an interest in Native Americans Indians.

We are a new and upcoming Society of Native American Indians located in Hernando County, Florida.

Our goals are simply to

1.) Get together and Enhance the Spirituality of our Honored Native American Indian Families.

2.) Meet other Native American Indians with the same goals of friendship and unity.

3.) Bring together differant Tribal Nations and their customs while having an enjoyable time learning to be PROUD OF OUR HERITAGE and of being Native American Indians.

4.) Create, Educate and bring a Greater Understanding to the Public of our

Native American Indian Ways, Customs and Beliefs.

In order to accomplish this we NEED all kinds of members, from the Full Blooded to the smallest drop running thru our veins to help spread our message of Peace and Unity thru understanding.

We need the family and friends of our Native American Indians who want to learn to understand the Heritage of their loved ones.

Would YOU like to help us in this goal ?? What can YOU do ??  More than you think...

Every Tribe Of The First Peoples, The Native American Indian, Had One Thing In Common

They Stand Tall And Walk Proud For All Of Our Peoples.

Seven Feathers Intertribal Lodge and Feather to Feather, Inc Invite YOU To Become An Active Member In Our Lodge AND In Our Family.