A Native American Lodge for ALL Native Americans Sponsored by Feather to Feather

We Are of One Mind , One Spirit and of One Nation.

Welcome to Seven Feathers Intertribal Lodge

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Welcome, Yah ta hey ( Apache ), O'siyo ( Eastern Cherokee ) both basically translate to Hi.

We are a small, not for profit, Intertribal Native American Lodge located in Brooksville, Hernando County in West Central Florida. Our Lodge is small however we are growing as people find out who we are and our code of conduct.  For those who do not know or understand some of our words I will explain as we go on this page.

Intertribal basically means that you can be from ANY tribe of Native American Indians or no tribe. Our group doesn't stick to the whiteman ways of measuring Blood Quantum, to us, you are accepted with or without any blood quantum, even just 1 drop. We don't care if you can or cannot prove your heritage as a Native American Indian. What DOES matter is that you want to follow the Way and live your life as a Native American Indian. 

Our vision is to have a true experience at ALL of our monthly Council Meeting which, by the way, is the SECOND SATURDAY of each month  at Noon in Brooksville, Florida BY INVITATION unless otherwise noted.   Our POTLUCK Gathering, will take place right after our Council Meeting until further notice, which will be posted. Please let us know when you want to attend so that we may make enough room for all.  The Counsel Meetings and Gatherings ARE held OUTDOORS although the Long House protects us from falling raindrops and snow, so please be aware and bring bug spray, a chair and a drink for each of you.  We are hoping that we wont have to worry about the weather to much, now and then, a Counsel would like to hold a special Ceremony at a different location, members will be notified of such Ceremonies.

 At our Counsel Meetings With the exception of our Chiefs and Elders, we believe that each person is equal to each and every other member the of the group therefore there is no head and no first or last row of seats. We have a circle of prayer, once the prayers have been prayed to the Great Spirit we then move into the seats that we each must bring ( for now ) staying within a circle. We will have a group discussion of things that need to be discussed and voted on at that meeting and twice a year we will have the get down to the basics and go over everything that has or will happen through the 6 to 12 month period. Beyond the boring junk we have fun. Each member is asked to bring something to share with everyone, be it a SONG, a POEM, a STORY or a CRAFT. Lets say that you cant do any of those, you can still bring something that YOU do or found online  to share and discuss.our Gathering will take place and you will have a chance to chat and catch up while we eat from the covered dishes that each person must bring, where our pot luck lunch is held under the many shade trees. Everyone  is invited to chat with all of the members of our group before and during ( if you aren't hungry and eating ,anyway ) lunch.

After lunch is finished and the mess is cleaned up we get down to the business of following the 'Red Road'. We try to have some kind of music so that we can go into the circle of seats which consists of the Membership Counsel of Elders and everyone else who is in attendance.

Each  member who attend the Gatherings ( after their Probationary period ends), is given a say in anything that we are discussing or are planning and we are planning for great things.  Online members who live to far away to come each month may contribute in the discussions on line but it may not go toward the general outcome.

When finances permit we will have a newsletter to mail,still who knows what the Creator will provide. 

Non members may come BY INVITATION and enjoy one of our Gatherings and decide if this group is for you. Anyone wanting to become a member must fill out a small application and summit it to a member, who will then give it to the appropriate person to follow up on. You will then be contacted as to when and where of the next  Gathering.

Online membership is also free, however you will miss the meals,  the fellowship.

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